10% of every snack and artwork sold is invested into our art commission fund.

This fund is used to commission new works by invited artists to be stocked and sold via Artists’ Tuck Shop. We also try to top this up with funding and donations.

We do not currently accept submissions of works by artists to sell. Instead we aim to commission new works from our art commission fund, as we believe this to be more beneficial to the artists involved since they will receive funding up front in order to produce the works.  In addition, this process enables us to offer a more unique and curated collection of art objects to the public that we will naturally have a deeper understanding and relation to, having worked directly with the artists involved during the commissioning process.

We would however, still love to hear from artists who would be interested in being commissioned by Artists’ Tuck Shop and would encourage them to sign up to our mailing list.

So far we have commissioned 7 artists: David McDiarmid, Rory McDiarmid, Shae Myles, Jon Nicolson, Stuart Noble, Emma Rogers and Rachel Rogers.

View their commissioned works now!

Get in touch if you would like to donate to our art commission fund!