David McDiarmid lives and works in Glasgow as an Artist, Curator and Restaurant Manager. He studied Painting at Gray’s School of Art (2009-2013), going on to study the MLitt Curatorial Practice course taught between The Glasgow School of Art and The University of Glasgow, graduating in 2018. His final project involved organising the one-night-only artist-run restaurant Artists’ Spread, held at Glasgow’s Project Café and he also co-founded Visual Artist Unit (VAU), a Scottish-based art collective that aimed to support the professional development of emerging and early-career artists. His practice currently explores the notion of megalomania existing both historically and within today’s society, using food as an entry point to this line of study.

Jon Nicolson is an artist and kitchen sales assistant, based in Glasgow. After also graduating in Painting from Gray’s, 2013, he helped co-found VAU and worked as a committee member up until 2018 when the organisation closed. His practice explores the relationship between the body and brutality. Jon has a keen interest in illustration, graphic design and web design and is also a dab hand in the kitchen. He has been known to cook many a wonderful feast for his fellow Artists’ Tuck Shop crew.

Stuart Noble is another graduate from the Painting course at Gray’s, also graduating in 2013 and likewise, served as a founder and committee member of Visual Artist Unit. Stuart makes illustrations and sculptures under the alias Bushi Artist and is also a keen model-maker. Stuart was one of the artists behind the Artists’ Spread project, producing an amazing series of chocolate moulded dung beetles, and working as a chef in the kitchen on the night, where helped produce a delicious 4 course meal for 50 guests! Alongside his practice, he works as a Bakery Assistant.

Emma Rogers also graduated from the same Painting class at Gray’s, and now lives and works in Glasgow where her practice focuses on the sculptural qualities within origami. Recently she has exhibited in the Hidden Door Arts Festival, 2018, in Edinburgh and Re-play at The Suttie Art Space, in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, 2018.  She was also one of the artists involved in Artists’ Spread, producing a beautiful series of ceramic lemon juicers and working Front of House on the night of the one-night-only restaurant opening. Alongside her practice Emma works full time in a restaurant, also serving as a founder and Co-director of VAU throughout the organisation’s existence.

Rachel Rogers is the designer and maker behind RR Designs. She is based in Glasgow where she creates sterling silver collections that explore the sculptural elements within jewellery design, often using 3D paper models to generate basic forms and shapes. By translating these into metal and through experimenting with techniques and processes such as fold-forming Rachel seeks to exploit the materials’ natural ductile and malleable qualities. Unlike the rest of the team, Rachel graduated from Cardonald College’s HND in Jewellery. She splits her jewellery practice with a side job at local gift shop in Glasgow’s West End.

And yes, Emma and Rachel are twins!