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Artists’ Tuck Shop is a curatorial project initiated by Glasgow based artist and curator David McDiarmid (with more than a little help from some pals!) We work with artists who share a passion for food and whose creative careers are often sidelined due to the commitments and requirements associated with balancing jobs in other sectors.

We support artists by:

  • Commissioning them to make specially made artworks to stock and sell on their behalf, popping up with our tuck trolley at markets and events or via our online shop and wholesale stockists
  • Offering them a fair and generous 70% commission rate on sales of their artworks made
  • Investing a percentage of the remaining income from sales of our artworks into our art fund for commissioning more artists to make new works
  • Working with artists who share a passion for food to deliver pop-up restaurant nights (featuring both food and art!) to help raise further funds for our art commission fund
  • Making more meaningful connections and engagements with audiences by bringing artists and their work directly in touch with the public
  • Spreading the word about all the great work that artists do!

Recently we even worked with a group of 27 artists to produce a new cookbook (featuring recipes by artists, of course!) with proceeds going towards new artwork commissions by each of the artists involved!

Next: Where to Find Artists’ Tuck Shop?