Why Artists’ Tuck Shop Exist?

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With ongoing cuts being made to arts organisations and artists struggling to juggle their creative careers with jobs in other sectors, we want to help make things a bit easier!

Creative Scotland’s Visual Arts Sector Review in 2016[1] revealed that 42% of respondents (consisting of artists and art sector workers) worked in additional jobs outside of the visual arts to supplement their income. A third of these respondents work four days or more per week in their ‘other’ job.

Furthermore, recent survey conducted by the Scottish Artists’ Union[2] in 2017 for their artist membership base revealed that 81% of respondents earn less than £10,000 per year from their art practice.  In addition, 73% of their respondents have never received public funding.

We want to help artists bring their work back to the forefront of their attention, to help increase income generation from their creative work and spend more time in their studios, working.

Next: How Artists’ Tuck Shop Help Artists?

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